dvm2 (29)Here at Katherine Vet Care, we are proud to offer artificial insemination for our patients.

Artificial insemination is becoming more popular with breeders. It allows you to breed your female dog even when the stud dog is nowhere near you. Since semen can be frozen and shipped, many breeders enjoy being able to chose from a wide variety of dogs. You no longer have to ship your dog to the stud and leave her there for days or weeks until she becomes pregnant.

Artificial insemination is becoming even more popular because breeding is more successful. Since we bypass the cervix, we have a bigger window of time for breeding, though we can monitor the female and determine the perfect time to perform the procedure.

When we artificially inseminate your female dog, we put the semen directly into her vagina so that it is more likely to be successful.

Image0027We also offer equine reproductive services, provided by a knowledgeable and experienced staff. We offer a range of reproductive services, and we utilize state of the art technology to ensure the health of your horse.

Some of the services we provide include fertility services, embryo transfer, as well as artificial insemination. We also encourage breeding consultations with our highly trained and experienced team.

If you have any questions about artificial insemination, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (08) 89722752.